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Cheryl’s Caramels available in Downtown Vista this Evening!

I will be peddling my delicious caramels at the Main Street Certified Farmers Market this evening in Historic Downtown Vista from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.P1060232 Look for the Cheryl's Caramels booth - you can't miss the red and white striped canopy!  Come on by and say "hello", grab some great goods and grub at the market, then satisfy that sweet tooth of yours with a bucket or two of Cheryl's Caramels! At tonight's market, I'll be offering 7 amazing caramel flavors:  Organic Sea Salt Natural Raspberry Old Fashioned Coffee Break Gingerbread Dark Chocolate and Maple Syrup The weather will be lovely and cool. Just perfect for a fall evening. The Farmers Market is hosting a Halloween costume contest and treats for everyone. Fun, fun, fun for the whole family! For more information and directions click here:

Custom Containers for Holiday Gift Giving!

I've had lots of requests for custom packaging on my caramel containers. So, let's give it a go... who am I to get in the way of your holiday gift giving!CC Merry Christmas Bucket Label Each and every one of Cheryl's Caramels bucket containers presents a quarter pound of caramely goodness. Plus I throw in a couple extra candies for good measure. Custom labels can say anything (within reason) that you would like. You might want to wish your friends and family a Merry Christmas from yourself or your family... You may want to send your clients a holiday gift that they will truly enjoy and remember your generosity by! I can add your logo to any container and any greeting you wish to express (once again, within reason). To provide you with custom containers, I will need a minimum order of 6 containers. You can choose any of my nine amazing flavors and mix & match as you please.CC Seasons Greetings Bucket Label I will be charging an additional $2.00 per container for the customization of the containers, so instead of $5.00 per container, they will be $7.00 per container. You can order as many as you like as long as there is, once again a 6 container minimum order. Attending loads of holiday parties this season? Cheryl's Caramels make awesome hostess gifts. I like to keep a few close at hand for those last minute gifts! Giving a memorable party this year? Send your guests home with a little something.CC Happy Hanukkah Bucket Label I'll be offering lots of holiday images for Christmas and Hanukkah, and of course your business logos and slogans. A PDF proof of each container label will be sent for your scrutiny and approval. So go ahead and make someone's holiday season truly a sweet one with a custom gift of Cheryl's Caramels... Now taking orders for the 2013 holiday season.  

Cheryl’s Caramels Market Booth V1.0

Have you ever tried to set up an 80 lb. EZ Up by yourself? It's not easy, I'll tell you! Yet with a little time and practice, it can be done.P1060232 I'm ready to start submitting applications to farmers markets and craft fairs, and most applications require a photo of your booth. Well, here it is - Cheryl's Caramels Market Booth Version 1.0! I know, I know, the blue camping chairs have got to go. I'm looking for a pair of tall directors chairs to replace them. Most evening fairs charge a fee for electricity, so I'm striving to be self sufficient and sustainable with the use of LED lighting and a portable power pack.P1060211 Still mulling around the caramel "sampling" issue. Some say it's "absolutely necessary" at markets, others say "never, ever give away product". I'm thinking about having "limited" sampling. Offer a limited amount, when they are gone - they're gone! So all in all, I think my CCMB V1.0 looks pretty spiffy! I sure would love to hear what you all think of it, and about the issue of "sampling". Back to the kitchen, I'm cooking up a batch of Dark Chocolate for you today.    

Kahlúa Caramels?

So, I'm thinking about new caramel flavors to develop over the holidays and need some feedback... What do you think about Kahlua caramels? Made a batch of Coffee Break yesterday and the aroma in the kitchen reminded me of Kahlua and coffee! What say YOU?