Cheryl’s Caramels Market Booth V1.0

Have you ever tried to set up an 80 lb. EZ Up by yourself? It's not easy, I'll tell you! Yet with a little time and practice, it can be done.P1060232 I'm ready to start submitting applications to farmers markets and craft fairs, and most applications require a photo of your booth. Well, here it is - Cheryl's Caramels Market Booth Version 1.0! I know, I know, the blue camping chairs have got to go. I'm looking for a pair of tall directors chairs to replace them. Most evening fairs charge a fee for electricity, so I'm striving to be self sufficient and sustainable with the use of LED lighting and a portable power pack.P1060211 Still mulling around the caramel "sampling" issue. Some say it's "absolutely necessary" at markets, others say "never, ever give away product". I'm thinking about having "limited" sampling. Offer a limited amount, when they are gone - they're gone! So all in all, I think my CCMB V1.0 looks pretty spiffy! I sure would love to hear what you all think of it, and about the issue of "sampling". Back to the kitchen, I'm cooking up a batch of Dark Chocolate for you today.    


  1. Karen says:

    I think you will sell more when people taste how good they are. Good luck!

  2. Karen says:

    I love your booth. I agree the blue chairs need to go.

  3. Colleen Fenrich says:

    Once tasted Cheryl’s Caramels sell themselves. So creamy and delicious they remind me of an earlier time when nothing but fresh ingredients and homemade goodness are combined. So happy to learn these treats are available in numerous flavors. I want to try them all.

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