Decaf Coffee Caramels?

A dear friend of mine wanted to try my delicious "Coffee Break" caramels, but it was after noon - and she absolutely, positively can NOT do caffeine after noon!Coffee Break Container Now, my "Coffee Break" caramels DO contain caffeine, not that much mind you, but full test coffee is an ingredient. So why not replace the high test, with decaf? Hmmm... It's worth a try! So today, I'll be doing research and development to see if a decaf version of my "Coffee Break" caramels is up to my taste standards. Tomorrow I'll be having lunch with said friend that will last way beyond noon. I'll test them out on her. Hey - nothing ventured, nothing gained! Wish me luck, Cheryl UPDATE: The new Decaf Coffee Break caramels were a hit! Give them a try if you too can't do caffeine... Personally, I can't tell the two flavors apart - and that was after all, the goal!  

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