Encinitas Fall Festival Tomorrow!

I have to admit it's been a crazy week, but I am prepared (I think) for the Encintas Fall Festival tomorrow! Now this Festival is supposed to be HUGE, with over 500 vendors, lots of stages with local talent, crafts, food galore and a beautiful sunny day on the coast too boot...fall-festival They actually shut down Coast Highway in downtown Encinitas for this one from the Encinitas sign to Swami's. I'm told this is the premiere holiday fair in San Diego and over 100,000 folks are expected to attend. I hope they are all in the market for some tasty caramels! I hope I made enough. I hope I have enough samples too! Ended up having to acquire a "sampling" permit from the county (don't ask) so even if I do run out, I can cut more right in my booth.crates See these awesome wooden crates that I can store, carry and display my caramel buckets in? Well my dear friend's husband custom made them for me. Each one is an individual work of art and a labor of love from a master craftsman! I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and "through the roof" support. My wonderful husband is almost as fast as me wrapping each and every caramel! Well, it's time to load up the candy mobile as tomorrow is going to start early. Lots of friends and family are planning on visiting (and helping) with Cheryl's Caramels tomorrow, so it's going to be a party! Hope you all can make it down to the Festival - and bring an appetite and your Christmas list. Support your local merchants and buy local this year! For more information about the Encinitas Fall Festival, click here: http://www.cherylscaramels.com/event/23-annual-encinitas-fall-festival/

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