Ramblings from a Street Fairie

Yes, I am a "street fairie".P1060419 Never in my life did I ever say "I hope someday I peddle caramel candy at farmers markets and street fairs". Never. Never in my life would I have thought something so VERY different from ANYTHING I have ever done before is so much flippin' fun! Selling at the Encinitas Fall Festival yesterday was a whole new experience. Thank goodness I had so much help and support. I'm telling ya, it took 3 of us fairies to pass out samples (more on that later), answer questions and fill orders. Lot of orders. Making bank orders. Hmmm... maybe this is a good thing after all!1480596_617418471632751_1380704735_n Now I don't like to drop names here on this public blog, but I just have to give recognition where recognition is due. My lifelong BFF Irene volunteered weeks ago to assist at this fair. Along with her husband Dan (the awesome custom crate craftsman) and daughter-in-law Kirsten. These guys rock! And they had fun too. People watching from inside a market booth is a whole new world. We ran that sucker like a well oiled machine and I just can't thank them enough...Ron & car And what can I say about my husband Ron? 35 years ago while reciting our vows, I don't remember "to have and to hold, through thick and thin, and wrap pounds of caramels late into the night, and set up a market booth at 6:00 am until death do you part" being part of the package. Thank you honey for all your help! I'm really surprised that so many people like to come out to these fairs and visit me! My son Brad, daughter-in-law Ronda, grand cuties Ethan, Allison and Ashley ("we like YOUR fair Grandma"), friends Monica, Ivan and neighbors, Jack, Susie and everyone else who stopped by. I thank you all for the party at Cheryl's Caramels!P1060423 Now if you are at all curious about my previous "sampling" dilemma, let me share with you what I decided to do... So many of you offered up suggestions and solutions and I truly thank you for your input. I combined a little bit of all advice and decided to have my patrons ask for a sample. I put a new banner that states the above, and it works fabulously! It weeds out the "trick or treaters" (quote from another street fairie) and frees up space for potential customers. It also gives you a chance to close the deal as you are now one on one with that customer.P1060418 I learn so much at each event and really like my fellow fairies. So I'll do another market, go another week, another month - until it's too much work, or I'm too old (the hot dog guy celebrated his 80th at the sunset market with great fanfare). And I'll keep enjoying the people and smiles that my yummy candy puts on peoples faces... Now it's time to prepare for Thanksgiving, regroup and refresh for my next Oceanside Sunset Market on December 5th: http://www.cherylscaramels.com/event/oceanside-sunset-market/    

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