Tourists? In Oceanside?

It's amazing how you can live in a city for over 30 years and in one evening see it for the first time. My funky little beach town is a tourist mecca!oceanside_pier We were all expecting a fairly laid back, quiet Sunset Market in downtown Oceanside yesterday evening. After all, it WAS the day after Christmas and who would want to do any more shopping. Or eating??? Out of town guests, that's who! Hundreds of them, thousands of them. All in shorts and flip flops enjoying sunny warm weather in the mid seventies - for the next ten days or so.sunset crowd I was told that the occupancy rate in Oceanside was at 100%. So, you're staying in one of new resorts and time shares and find out about a street fair around the block from the beach. Yeah, you're totally down for that... I would be. Lucky you! They came from Canada, they came from Michigan and Minnesota. Met folks from all over Europe and a few from the right coast. All had a great time and were enjoying my little piece of paradise. oceanside-beach-1Needless to say, all the vendors at Oceanside's Sunset Market were pleasantly surprised and happy to welcome each and every one of our happy holiday tourists! Guess the cat's out of the bag and the rest of the world has found out what we have known for years. Oceanside, California is the best!  

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