January 16th Market Musings

Happy to report I'm falling into a very comfortable routine. After 3 months of selling my yummy caramels every Thursday evening at Oceanside's famous Sunset Market, I'm getting pretty good at it - but learning so much more every week! This is one of the reasons I really, really enjoy this. It's ever changing. Always meeting new people and absolutely love that Cheryl's Caramels has regular customers.P1070126 These "regulars" know what flavors of caramels they want, and know they are always welcome to take a seat and rest in my booth. Every week I get more and more "regulars" and look forward to seeing each and every one of them! This week's featured "regulars" are Kevin and Ellie Mae. Thank you for your patronage!P1070132   I still get a kick out of new customers when they first taste the caramel samples. Almost all develop this HUGE smile and say things like "oh my God" and "Wow! Those are so good". I really don't have to sell these caramels, as they kind of sell themselves!P1070130     This week's featured new customers are Connie and Mary Ellen - Thanks so much for enjoying Cheryl's Caramels! And I look forward to you all becoming "regulars"...P1070131 Now my fellow vendors are always a source of inspiration. It's fascinating to see all the different styles of "hustling" (as my market friend and pesto peddler Solomon likes to say). All the vendors ask during load out "how did you do?" and "sales were good tonight?". As Cathy, our amazing wizard market manager says; "we are like a small city". Experiencing these markets and faires from the "other side", I'd like to let you know that "yes!" - we do talk about our customers! I've always loved going to Farmers Markets and Craft Faires. I've been doing it for decades! And I can't tell you how many times I've asked a vendor "will you be here next week?", or "I'll be by later on", just so that I wouldn't hurt their feelings if I didn't want to purchase their product... Well guess what? Seems like I wasn't fooling anyone! These vendors have heard this a million times before and know that you probably won't stop by next week, let alone later on. But rest assured - they ALL appreciate your interest. They ALL are happy to give you samples (with no strings attached mind you!). And they are ALL happy that that you are enjoying your time. And it's totally okay if you don't want to buy something... You won't hurt our feelings. Were a pretty resilient lot and were truly happy to see you!P1070125 Excellent news on the "big" craft fair front: Cheryl's Caramels will be offered at the Fallbrook Avocado Festival, Vista's Strawberry Festival, the Carlsbad Street Faire (which is the largest one day craft fair in the COUNTRY), the Escondido Street Faire, Christmas in July at Mission San Luis Rey and many more! I'm updating my summer calendar as the confirmations roll in. You can check it our here: http://www.cherylscaramels.com/events/ Gonna be a busy summer!  

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