February Market Musings

Whew... This is turning out to be one busy month! Early in February I decided to "take on" an additional market to peddle my popular, yummy caramels. "Sure, why not?" I said. "Two markets per week should be easy breezy" I said. "I'll add a kick back, smaller than the Sunset Market venue" I said. Well, as we all know, life is full of surprises!Welk logo After visiting most of the early week farmers market in the area (there are at least 2 markets per day in San Diego County alone!) I really liked the farmers market at the Lawrence Welk Resort off the I-15 in Escondido. A short and scenic 15 minute drive from my home in Oceanside. I chatted with fellow vendors and presented the market managers my application package. I was accepted and participated in my first Welk market on Monday, February 10th. Man oh man was I shocked! This "little" market was no "little" market! In preparation for the Welk Farmer's Market, I downsized my caramel stock. Won't do that again! I quickly sold out of a few flavors. This place was rockin'...welk market Now the Welk market is a much different crowd than the good folks that partake in Oceanside's Sunset Market. As you would expect at a Lawrence Welk venue, the shoppers are mostly seasoned citizens, a bit more refined and absolutely ravenous after a long day of golf. Many are welcomed tourists. They herald from Canada, Colorado, Idaho and other cold and inhospitable points north this time of year. Smart folks to spend a few weeks in the blunt of winter in sunny San Diego! I find myself really enjoying a chat as I am a seasoned citizen myself. I also found out that those who have had extensive dental work won't even come close to a caramel candy - not even soft caramels like mine. So, the Welk Farmer's Market is a blast. I almost sell out and I really enjoy the customers. This one's a keeper - even if it does mean that I have to work twice as hard and make twice as many caramels. Doing two markets a week? No problem! I get to have twice as much fun...    

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