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Now taking pre-orders for Easter caramel buckets!

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to say "Happy Easter" than a cheerful bucket of amazing, home made caramel candy from Cheryl's Caramels!Easter Sea Salt These fun little goodies make great hostess gifts and a yummy welcome to any Easter basket. I'll be taking pre-orders until Monday, April 14th. If you are San Diego, southern Orange or Riverside counties, go ahead and order online and request "Easter Special" for a special discount of $2.00 per bucket ($6.00 each) for orders of 6 or more... As always, I'll be happy to deliver them to you with the minimum (6 buckets) order. Oh, and don't forget that these fun Easter buckets will be available at the Welk Farmers Market in Escondido every Monday (3-7 pm) and the Oceanside Sunset Market every Thursday (5-9 pm) until April 17th. Happy Easter from Cheryl's Caramels!

Grand Cuties at the Market

Always, always a new and interesting experience every single time I share my ever popular caramel candy at market. Yesterday was undoubtedly one of the very best. Ever. My grandchildren came to visit grandma at market! Our son and daughter-in-law are "foodies" and enjoy checking out what various markets offer and I was super excited to have the family come visit me, shop, feast and check out the market. And this market is one of the best as the Welk Farmers Market is rated #3 in all of San Diego for it's delicious and diverse selection of goods and wares, including Cheryl's Caramels! This is quite an accomplishment for the Welk Farmers Market as there are at least 2 markets every day in San Diego county alone...P1070582 Now I absolutely believe my grand cuties think I have a cool fort at these markets. And in no small way do I NOT encourage this belief! Grandma's fort is their fort, or as we say down here in San Diego "Mi fuerte es su fuerte". This fort is a safe haven amongst the hustle and bustle of the farmers market. And there is lots of candy, and markers, and cash! I like to give all three a $5 bill to spend at each market. The girls (of course) find fun jewelry. My grandson is like his daddy and stashes it away. Saving for something grander, something he's actually saving for. He does not get this strange trait from me. That's for sure!P1070560 They all like to "help" grandma. My youngest grand daughter is always busy with "quality control" - tasting and testing all my caramel samples to make sure they are up to par. My oldest grand daughter enjoys decorating and adding her artistic touch to my signage. And my grand son does a bit of book keeping - keeping a tally of products sold and recording his finds in my "ledger".P1070581 So, all this activity going on inside Cheryl's Caramels market booth may or may not keep me from making as many sales. But this grandma's got her priorities in order, and knows what's more important. Grand kids will always trump sales. Always. And who knows? Maybe someday in the not so distant future, grandma will be offering these same kiddo's their first job opportunity. And I can't think of a better place to learn salesmanship, people skills, patience and the value of a dollar or two... Credits: Photography by Ethan Aaron Stoner - age 5. Wipe-off board art by Allison and Ashley Stoner, ages 3 and 2 respectively.