The Caramels Would Have Burned

After receiving a reverse 911 call Wednesday afternoon, I could possibly have had only minutes to evacuate my home of 30 years here in Oceanside, California. Now mind you, we DO have a PLAN. Have for years. You know, important papers, prescriptions, plastic (credit cards), pet care, etc. We even have an emergency kit that contains everything (so they say) for 20 plus days of survival.P1080229 Huge, horrible, devastating wild fires had been wreaking havoc for two days now here in our peaceful, perfect little corner of northern San Diego county. Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Fallbrook, Bonsall and San Marcos were all on fire! We are used to fires. In the Fall months, not spring time. We are used to fires. Inland, not in the coastal areas. So here comes the call. There is a new fire. The "River Fire". Someone, I believe CalFire (God bless them all) actually names these hellish fires. This one is just a couple miles away from our home. I could see the smoke, I could smell it. I went into emergency mode. Grabbed the supplies, the water, lap tops, chargers, power supply, tent, chairs, camping box, framed photos (all other photos have been scanned to disk), important papers, passports and cash. I've been at it now for a half an hour. No second caSatallitell. Yet. I can bring more stuff, I have the room. Quickly crated up some heirlooms. A few pieces of my Nana's china, my husbands grandmother's silver, my Herrend china from Budapest. Oh dear, this could be the last time I see ANY of my stuff... Really a sobering feeling. Still room, and precious time. My husband was humored and pleased that I included his tackle box, fishing poles (we had to eat, right?) and an engraved putter. Clothes, toiletries, dog leashes and  - oh wait - what about all my caramels? Full crates and coolers of caramels, some were ready for the Sunset Market in Oceanside that I did not attend. Even more full crates ready for the Escondido Street Faire this Sunday (will they even have it?). They will have to stay. The caramels would burn. I can make more. I can replace them. I can't replace my son's school portraits. I did have room for my folder with Cheryl's Caramels licenses and certificates. That would be important. The caramels would be left behind, the caramels would have burned - but they didn't. We are under a "shelter in place" order, but there is no longer a danger of needing to evacuate. Our home, our pets, our stuff, the caramels - it's all fighters But so many are not safe. So many are still evacuating, so many have lost their homes, so many didn't have the luxury of time to pack up their valuables. So many have lost everything... Please keep these people in your prayers, along with the tireless fire fighters from all over who have come to help.    

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