Caramels are bad for you!

krispy creme ad

LOVE this ad!

So are doughnuts. That's why I absolutely love this ad from Krispy Kreme! I'm always asked if I offer a sugar free, or fat free, or both version of my amazing caramel candy. First off, no I don't. I've tried and the caramels just don't cut it. You need sugar and fat (butter and cream) to make caramel. I've tried Stevia. I've tried coconut oil. I've tried Agave. You name it, I've tried it. But I've seen them offered in stores, on-line, there has to be a way! Well there is. And it's called chemicals and preservatives. And paraffin wax! That's a chemical **** storm! Not gonna put that in MY caramels. No way, no how. Cheryl's Caramels will remain, without apology, full of delicious, wholesome organic heavy cream and real butter. And sugar, yes sugar. All of which are far better for you than chemicals you can't pronounce and wax. Wax is for surfboards and cars, not food.

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