Summer Fun!

Boy oh boy, Cheryl's Caramels is busy, busy, busy this summer, and folks are munching up my amazing caramel candy as fast as I can make it!

The "Caramel Queen" holding court with the lovely Vista Teen Princesses during FEAST at Old Mission San Luis Rey.

Last week was just wonderful, with two great events at the Old Mission Say Luis Rey. This mission is just a spectacular place. If you are ever in the area, please visit. you won't be sorry! The Old Mission Montessori School's annual craft fair, Christmas in July is always a fun event and this year was no exception. Held under the old trees on the parish grounds, this is the premier event for hand crafted goods. As alumni, I have a special place in my heart for this school fundraiser! Then we had the inaugural FEAST! At Old Mission San Luis Rey. This event was a foodies delight and a HUGE success with over 400 in attendance. Hosted by The Osider Magazine, over 30 local food vendors, restaurants, breweries and wineries treated guests to the best of the best. Cheryl's Caramels handed out over 700 caramels to these lucky folks. Unique to this event was offering attendees their choice of beneficiaries. Bravo gentlemen, Bravo! 2-IMG_2736Of course we have my weekly market, Oceanside's very own Sunset Market and Street Fair held every Thursday evening from 5:00 to 9:00 pm. Folks are treated to this great event from all over the west, and the world! Last night saw valued customers from Arizona to Russia! I've been selling out, so stop by early in the evening to ensure your favorites are still available my sweets! Up next, the world famous Vista BBQ Classic held in historic downtown Vista. This Kansas City BBQ sanctioned event means serious business for these talented teams. Yes, teams! You should see their rigs - you'd swear you were at a NASCAR event.. BBQThis "smokin'" event is Sunday, July 25th and Cheryl's Caramels will be offering all my favorites for when you get your sweet tooth on after all that delicious BBQ. Click HERE for details. August brings me heading south. Way south to Chula Vista for two great fairs! The Lemon Festival on Sunday, August 2nd and the Chula Vista Harborfest on Saturday, August 22nd. More on these adventures in my next blog post. Until then, enjoy YOUR summer fun and thank you All for your continued patronage. Stay sweet my friends!  

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