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How To Eat A Caramel (Bet you thought you’d never need help with that!)

Ok, so you probably know how to eat a caramel. What’s there to know, right? Open mouth, insert caramel, chew, gulp it down! peices 3Well sure!  But I find that if you actually take your time and let it dissolve a bit in your mouth first you will notice that the flavor is much more enhanced. Obviously taking your time is the sensible thing no matter what you’re up to!  One, you just get to experience things longer, but two, the sweet and salt receptors of your tongue are out front, so letting it dissolve means you hit those receptors more and the flavor will be intensified. Seriously, give it a try.  Eat one “normal”, then eat another one letting it dissolve in your mouth for a while.  The smooth buttery sweetness is intensified when you take your time. sea-salt-caramelsMany people are also concerned about caramel and their teeth and dental work.  This is caramel after all so I make no promises!  However, this is another argument for taking your time and letting it dissolve – the chances of it damaging any dental work is minimized. Go slow, do not chew, – and enjoy every last second. I try to make Cheryl's Caramels somewhere in the middle in terms of hardness.  Because everything is hand made, and they are very sensitive to the weather and temperature, there will be variations in hardness, it can’t be helped (well, unless I automate, add chemicals and wax but then they won’t be made by hand and with love now will they!). So take your time and savor them! Bon Appetit!