"The sea salt caramels are so addicting that I usually eat them all before I even leave the farmer's market! Cheryl's Caramels are, hands down, the best caramels on the market in terms of taste, consistency and quality. If you like old-timey caramel deliciousness, do yourself a favor and visit Cheryl's booth at the Oceanside Sunset Market. Be sure to try the sea-salt caramels! They melt in your mouth the way a good caramel should!" - Tim Paulman   "Best caramels I have ever tried, so worth buying." - Melissa Rudinsky   "I really love great quality caramels and I've had some really good ones through the years, but I have to say "Cheryl's Caramels" are scrumptious!!! My absolute favorite to date! Cheryl has so many yummy flavors of caramels it makes it hard to choose, but she makes that easy for us by offering her deliciousness at a fair price and a deal if you buy more than one container. Her red and white classic packaging is adorable and she even wraps her creamy caramels in quality cellophane to keep them super fresh. Homemade with love is always the best way to go!! Treat yourself and enjoy!!" - Rene'e Crowell   "Wow YUM. I seriously had my hubby hide them from me they are so delicious. I bought 2 at the strawberry festival and now I regret not buying more. Are currently enjoying coffee and maple. Flavors are spot on and they melt in your mouth. Highly recommend these caramels. The customer service gets 5 stars as well" - Summer Cook   "I could eat three tubs in one sitting! The salted caramels are killer!" - Lindy Terrell   "We met Cheryl at harbor days today and we love her AND her caramels! I think we sampled all the flavors the had and had a rough time picking our favorite two (dark chocolate and sea salt)! Yum!" - Katie Beth Mikelman   "Thank you for letting me share your great caramels with the Oncology Clinic at Balboa Naval Hospital. They lasted all of about 15 minutes. Great idea and I made it through the visit with many a tear. Untill my next order (I may not share this one)." - Cathy Nykiel   "FYI, your caramels are seriously tasty. I had one this morning (yes before breakfast) and have one left. Great cooking, or baking or however you create them." - Robert Parker  

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