Day 1 - Are we there yet?

Noon PST

So this happened.

A short time ago, my adult son and world traveler asked if I would like to join him on a business trip to the Bahamas. Took me about half a second to accept.

My son explained to me that we will be having two entirely different experiences on this adventure. He will be working. I will be playing and researching different tropical caramel flavors. Research and development in paradise. Oh happy day!

After polling my wonderful caramel lovers for the past week, some great suggestions have been presented: Coconut, Mango, Guava, Mojito, Daiquiri and of course that stuff of legend, Caribbean Ruhm.

This is my first official "blog" and I will post updates when I am not diving with sharks, swimming with pigs, visiting James Bond filming sites, or lollygagging by the pools. I plan on visiting local markets and distilleries, farms and restaurants for suggestions. I will be on Island Time.

So, we depart tomorrow morning and have a long day of travel ahead of us. I am the luckiest Mom in the world to have been included on this trip and am ready to go. Are we there yet?