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Just in case you're wondering why I can't share my yummy caramels with all of you... I make these caramels in my own kitchen, in my own house, on my own time. When I first decided to "share the love", and actually sell my caramels, I found out that I could not prepare them at home and was required to cook and prepared them in a permitted commercial kitchen. Well, there goes that idea! no shippingMy wonderful (genius) son found new legislation (as of January 1, 2013) in the state of California that allows folks like me to peddle our goodies called the Cottage Foods Act, or Assembly Bill (AB) 1616. Hey! Maybe I can do this. After jumping through the government hoops, I obtained a CFO (Cottage Foods Organization) permit and was ready get cooking. But found out that AB 1616 prohibits actually shipping of home made foods. From "A cottage food operator may advertise as well accept orders and payments via Internet or phone. However, a CFO must deliver (in person) to the customer. A CFO may not deliver any CFO products via US Mail, UPS, FedEx or using any other third-party delivery service. A cottage food operator may not introduce a CFO product into interstate commerce." Silly rule, but it is the law of the land. Once again, government gets in the way of commerce. I do plan on finding out why, and if the rule can be amended. Wish me luck and in the meantime, I'll keep cooking up batches of caramels for you all here in Southern California! So, that's why I can't ship. For now!


  1. Laura Hinckley Burghorn says:

    Boo Hissss!

    • Cheryl says:

      Yep, Laura… It’s a bummer, but I’m not giving up! Just looking at this business busting law as a new challenge.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just bought some of your caramels. They are wonderful. I live out of state and want more. Once I saw that you had a website i just thought i could order some. How sad! If I only known i would have bought way more.

      • Cheryl Cheryl says:

        So happy that you enjoyed my amazing home made caramels! Sorry that I can not ship at this point, but am working on it. Now, you’ll just have yo visit again!

  2. Chasity Lynn says:

    Your caramel candies are beyond amazing!! I recently just came into California to visit my fiancé who is stationed here for the marines & being the candy addict I am, we decided to stop by. So glad we did! I haven’t found a caramel candy that compares to yours. It’s sad you cant ship any to tennessee 🙁 because I’m already home now & finished both boxes. This is the only candy we found that he could eat at the time (he had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled). You were so sweet & generous to us, I would definatly recommend your candy to anyone! I come back in soon & I will be making another visit! Thanks once again!

  3. Marge says:

    Cheryl, thanks so much for the caramels you delivered today. We can’t even decide which kind is better because they are all so good.

  4. Catherine Llanos says:

    Hi Cheryl,
    I met you this weekend at Oceanside Harbor days, I bought one little box of the Sea Salt caramels and they were delicious. They are my cheat treat while I’m dieting since they are made with real ingredients and no chemicals. I absolutely loved them. Too much in fact, since i’ve eaten my whole stash already!!! I’m in Vista and I noticed that you do not ship. Where can I find you for more caramels in my future?

    • Cheryl Cheryl says:

      Hi there Catherine!
      So happy you enjoyed my Organic Sea Salt caramels. They too are my favorite. You can find me at the Oceanside Sunset Market every Thursday evening from 5-9 pm downtown Oceanside.
      But since you are in Vista (I live by Guajome Park), go ahead and order online and i I will just just deliver them too you!
      Hope to see you soon,

  5. Nicole says:

    Bought these, ate them all within two days- there goes the pregnancy weight hah, wish there were more in a package! Love your caramels.

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